Why self-publishing?

Good question. As a CPA I am always advising clients to protect their revenue producing assets. An asset can be tangible or intangible. Intellectual property assets are an intangible asset. With many publishers you waive your future rights to all intellectual property for a royalty. Any future revenue streams from your writing becomes the publishers property, unless there is negotiation and the proper contractual language. I merely chose to protect those rights for myself, my family and legacies.

If you are considering self publishing, invest the time up front and demand everything in writing. If you outsource any work, and I mean ANY work, get in writing that any and all rights to that work is your property.

Case - Book Covers and Images

If you hire some to design your book cover and they will supply you a JPEG, PNG, or file format. Also make sure you have physical control of the layered file it was created with, such as Photoshop. Many 3rd party publishing services, will retain these files. You can request them, but expect to pay extra is not disclosed in writing. DEMAND everything in writing.

Case - eBook Conversion

If you hire a 3rd party publishing service, demand the converted eBook file as part of the price you pay for eBook conversion and distribution. The company I used created the eBooks for a fee and then distributed them through Ingram. I was informed that there would be no future costs. A year later there was a $150 eBook management fee (per book) was going to be assessed. When I decided not to continue the relationship and asked for the converted files, I was informed that they owned the rights and would sell them for $3,500 each. Needless to say I ended the relationship without incurring any more expenses.

Print Books

Not all your fans will want an eBook, some will want a printed book, some will want both. I use Adobe InDesign to create my eBooks. But the file is also used to send to an offshore printing company for small and large run print and binding projects. Call around, they will work directly with you. You no longer need the so-called expertise of a publishing company. You just have to ask. You can also use POD (Print On Demand) services such as CreateSpace.

How long have I been writing?

I have written stories since high school. I have two other stories I wrote in my 20's that were typed on papaper. They will someday be released as short stories, becuase they only have about 40-50K words. In the year 2000, I began writing a mythological trilogy. I completed this work in the year 2010 and first published the frist edition of The Chosen One of Allivar.

I left open the possibility for a parrallel series to accompany this story

I also love to write poetry and satirical humor for my blog hosted by WordPress. Be sure to stop by and have a good laugh.