The Fall of Helloria

The epic mythology continues here...

You know how the trilogy ends in Last Stand of the Living. You know the armies of the seven races arrived at exactly the time when all hope was lost that the heavenly world, Allivar, was ready to fall to evils design. Then you learned Haggarfuse unleashed all his forces, included those bound in the forbidden lands and the ethereal realms of darkness. Here you were introduced to the armies of the light, the souls of all the living that had resisted evil and died tragically, yet heroically in the defense of life.

What of their stories? The Fall of Helloria is the first of nine stories, as told by Arimar and his captains, of the valiant resistance to Haggarfuse's quest for power and the first mortal corruption. You already know of Gahar, the lord of the underworld. Yet, he was once a young man, coming of age and learning to enjoy life and love for the very first time. Learn here of his mortal fall.

Learn about Melin, a young woman also coming of age, and how the mere resemblance to another intertwines her fate with Gahar. Learn of the first mortal judgment.

Learn of the first battle and tragedy of the heavens, yet the rise of evil and the rise of the resistance. Have handy a box of tissues, for it is a tragedy... the first loss of mortal paradise and the loss of our innocence.

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