Last Stand of the Living

The epic journey ends here

Arimar lives! Despite all the attempts of the seven Charamorgs, he arrives back to Mosiam the city of his birth with the 200,000 remaining followers and new sons and friends of the remaining rawhere he is to learn the fate of Allivar with the final revelation of the Unseen. Now feeling confident he can declare his love for Elissia, he is headed off by Marimon who received the vision of the gathering of the full strength of Haggarfuse and the seven armies. They are coming and they have only six months to prepare. The size of the forces arrayed against them are unimaginable - four hundred million. They must stand the siege and assault of the wrath of Haggarfuse for forty days and nights.

Thus the seven races have united, despite centuries of separation and distrust to stand once and for all against the forces who destroyed the nine heavenly worlds. They must build a five mile long wall around the rock of Masara, with weapons designed by the brilliant mind of Murlach necessary to kill as many warriors as possible. All will learn to fight in the defense of the wall. Couriers have been sent to garner aide, but alas, they are intercepted. Here the survivors must stand alone and find the courage to stand in faith that they will be saved.

Prepare for battle, prepare for death, prepare for anguish and sorrow, and prepare to have your faith testec until your last breath. Prepare for the stand, for all the forces of darkness and light are about to be unleashed.