Bound To Forbidden Lands

The epic journey continues here

Arimar has arrived in Haggaly alive. Now he has forty days to secure the declaration of freedom for those of the seven races who have been enslaved. He must must also win over those who doubted his existence. He will face danger from mortal and immortal enemies and will use his gifts and wisdom in the coliseum in the sport of "Blood Run." He will amaze all that witness his feats and slowly earn their respect. Haggarfuse unwilling to release the mind of the King, purposely possesses his body and mind, and the game over Yubal begins.

Upon securing freedom, Arimar and 500,000 followers have only one path to the southern lands of freedom after the Bridge of Babels collapse in Book I. The must pass unnoticed in the Marog, the for bidden lands, where the beasts and demons of the past ages were bound away from the living.

In this story you will be introduced to many new characters and enemies:

Elissia (twin sister of Narcissia)
Queen Narcissia (twin sister of Elissia)
King Yubal VII - Surnamed the Destroyer
The Dragons of the Marog
The Gregoron
The Luminar
The Luminag
The Bergons
The Bermolongs