The Journey Begins Here

The Chosen One of Allivar is a mythology. As such, the story has to develop the origin and history of this mythological universe. This requires a creation story and a creator. The story must develop roles of both immortals (The Charafuse), mortals and the interaction between the two. Finally, the story must have the ending of time. I wanted to first create context to the story, so the reader can follow more closely. Be careful! There are many clues embedded in the developmental phase of the story.

The first nine chapters of this first book of the trilogy are devoted to the development of this universe, from the creation of ten heavenly worlds and their ten immortal stewards, to the fall of nine of the worlds from the influence of evil, and to the first 3,300 years of mortal history. The history has been compressed to bring the reader to the main story. However, future stories will return interested readers back to the history. These sixteen additional stories will compliment the trilogy and complete the mythology.

From this point the remainder of book one develops the main character "Arimar", his coming of age, his first leg of the epic journey, and of the befriending of sons of the seven races, from the southern most point on the map to the great city of Haggaly in the Northeast. Use the map below to assist you in your journey. Contents and Chapters.