Why a blog?

It is wise for an author to expand upon their stories and to communicate with fans. Often tyimes an author feeds off the imagination presented by commenters on a blog, taking careful note of their likes and dislikes. This valuable feedback will strengthen the skills and knowledge of the author for thier current and future writing projects.

Web pages, such as this one, are static and are used to direct people to other more interactive tools and sites. The blog service I use is one that is free to anyone - WordPress. Click on the image to be transferred to the blog.

With WordPress you can select categories of posts and search for key words, as well as embed with metadata. I love to write and contrary to what experts say, I write a post almost every day. I have titled my blog "Daily Thoughts" so that I can empty the thoughts running through my mind.


I am particularly fond of satirical humor. My favorite satire writer is Dave Barry Dave has an uncanny way of taking everyday news events and twisting them into absurd humor, the point of which, is to point out the silliness of human beings and why we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously.

I have three recurring monthly humor editions:

The Female Code - humor on the mysteries of the female sex and their DNA, more confusing than the federal tax code.

The Man Club - humor on the life of being a simple and humble man, and the secrets in our club manual, where I declare myself President, Vice President and Chief Dictator for life. Inspired by my love for Calvin and Hobbes.

Golf Indigestion - humor for those of us who truly suck at the game of golf, and I truly suck.

Who doesn't need a laugh?


Yes, I even write poetry on occasion.

If you enjoy my posts, rate them and leave a reply. Most of all tell your friends and family. We all need a laugh and moments to reflect upon.

Most of all a blog will lead readers to your stories, where the goal is to make a living selling your writing. Good luck to all and thanks for stopping by.