Believe it or not, EW is a CPA, Realtor and technology consultant, who escapes the bonds of human compliance to write fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural stories. EW has also been involved with technology since the mid-1980's. Technology has opened opportunities for those willing to take limited risk into self-publishing. What was once at the complete control of publishers and agents, is now in the hands of the author, allowing you more control of your individual property rights. Because of this, EW created Allivar Creative, LLC publishing to protect his rights.

His first published work is the epic fantasy trilogy, The Chosen One of Allivar, soon to be followed by two chronicle series titled, The Chronicles of Allivar, comprised of 16 stories that follow parallel events found in the trilogy, chiefly the fall of the nine heavenly worlds, the first six ages of the world of Allivar, and the final volume, the coming and end of the seventh age - the age of light. Begin following this epic here

Inspired by the Lord of the Rings, Dante's Inferno, Paradise Lost, Biblical stories, and other mythological stories. The chief premise is derived from the historical account of the Siege of Masada. You will notice the influence of tales like King Arthur and a host of other books and movies. The stories are clean, with meaningful references to sex and the horrors of war. So if you are little tired of erotica and vampires, and are looking for stories that challenge the mind and soul, give me a brief moment of your time. Allivar's meaning in my mythological world means "The One Family" and is allegorical to our time on this world.

When completed, this 19 book collection will keep readers entertained and revisiting the stories often.